Clarksville, TN

Clarksville Montgomery County Beekeeping Association


CMCBA Swarm Contacts Listed Below

If you have spot a bee swarm please contact one of your local beekeepers. There are times when the beekeeper is unavailable at the time of swarming and will pass it on to other swarm CMCBA swarm catchers.

This Map is intended to be a guide to Beekeepers in your area, but feel fee to call anyone on the list

IMPORTANT: Please text and/or leave a detailed message or including

*Your name/Contact #

*location of swarm


*How long the swarm has been present.

*Size & Activity of swarm

Pictures are very helpful!

Sango                                                            Adams

Jason 931-561-5530                                 Roger 803-669-0343 

Brandy  931-216-1931

Jim  847-322-0017                                   Woodlawn

Rosalie 847-338-4263                             Tiffany 815-386-0887 

                                                                   Maggie 931-624-6001 

North Clarksville                                       James 931-401-0423

Billie 931-338-7610                                        

David 931-338-7612                                Northwest Clarksville                                                                               Mike 757-319-2928

Indian Mound

Tina  931-220-4874