Clarksville, TN

Clarksville Montgomery County Beekeepering Association


Swarm Map updated 3 July 2020.  Click on Map and navigate to area where you have observed a swarm.  Find the closest beekeeper with map pin.  Pin will have contact number & Name. There are times when the beekeeper is unavailable at the time of swarming and will pass it on to other swarm CMCBA swarm catchers.

Relax...  There is no need to panic.  Bees swarms are generally non-aggressive since they do not have a home to defend.

DO NOT spray with bug killer, water, or anything else.  There are plenty of beekeepers that would love to give a lost swarm a happy, safe home.  Trying to take action on your own well likely upset the bees and cause the the bees to defend the colony.  

DO NOT try to handle swarm yourself.  Proper safety equipment should be worn whenever dealing with bees.  Trained personnel can be contacted below.

DO NOT eat bananas around the swarm.  Bees release a pheromone that smells much like bananas when they feel threatened.  This pheromone triggers other bees to attack.