Clarksville, TN

Montgomery County Beekeeper's Association


Clarksville Montgomery County

Beekeepers Association

Monthly Meeting minutes 

March 7, 2020

10:00 am


  • Meeting location Dunbar Cave State Park 


•  Approval of Previous agenda 

The minutes of the meeting were distributed and approved by the majority of those present

•All governing board members present at the meeting.


The meeting was called to order by Roger Stewart, who introduced Master Gardener Theresa Bray to be our guest speaker for the today’s meeting. Master Gardener Teresa Bray spoke on the importance of re-introducing native plants back into our state and local parks and how they can benefit nature and wildlife. She mentioned several websites that one can allocate information as to what’s blooming and where one can find native plants which are “” and “” will have a list of what native plants are in bloom for this time of year. Sign ups for the Master Gardener Association are currently open.


• Consideration of new business

• Honeybee collation/ hive grants 

• Bring all members up-to-date on the topics listed above, hive grants, potential recipients are William Short, Wayne barefoot, and Vanessa Cisneros.

• Also Inquire port royal for potential placement of hives. If that is what e governing board decides to go through with.


  • Meeting closeout by Roger Stewart at 11:15 am
  • Meeting minutes by Vanessa Cisneros