Clarksville, TN

Montgomery County Beekeeper's Association



Clarksville Montgomery County Beekeepers Association

Date: 1 December 2018, Monthly Meeting Minutes / Meeting called to order at 05:00pm

Location:  Dotsonville Community Center

 Members present:  See sign in Roster (s) – Some members went to the Library and met due to a conflict on the website calendar causing confusion.

 Introductions: None


Approval of minutes:  Minutes for the month of November accepted as posted on the website.

 Treasurer Report:  Finance Report for the month of November accepted as briefed by Treasurer


Old Business:

CMCBA Honey extractor status – pending response from state to determine fine outcome of extractor.  Local beekeeper has offered to purchase it if authorized. Response from TBA has not been clear.  Secretary has received a sting of mail from TBA but no final answer.
  • Pollinator art contest sponsorship for the community. POC Pam Boyd – discussed that it would be a judged contest. Update of a selected location (Country Women’s Cub) – additional information requested for sponsorship approval by member


    New Business:   None


     Special guests from the Tennessee State Parks (TSP), Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) will attend the February meeting to discuss possible partnership as part of Honey Project.    

    Vice-President proposed inviting Master Gardner’s to speak in the spring on a native pollinator preservation project. Details forthcoming.


    Guest Speaker:  None

    Meeting adjourned by the President @ 5:18 pm followed by the annual

    Christmas Party


    Respectfully submitted, Billie Zeveney, SMCBA Secretary


    Approval: _____________________________Signed by President or Presiding Officer