Clarksville, TN

Clarksville Montgomery County Beekeeping Association


Clarksville Montgomery County Beekeeping Association - Monthly Meeting Minutes

Date: 06 May 2023

Officers Present: President Roger Stewart, Vice President Billie Zeveney, Secretary Mike Sutton, Treasurer Max Stewart and Webmaster Christina O’Meara.

Meeting called to order by the presiding officer, President Roger Stewart at 10:05am

Members present/Guests introduced: 31 people present (see sign in sheet)

Three new beekeepers introduced themselves.

Approval of Treasurer Report: Treasurer Report was read aloud by Max Stewart. Motion to accept the report was seconded and approved by the majority.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Meeting Minutes was read aloud by Mike Sutton. Motion to accept the report was seconded and approved by the majority.

Motion was put forth by the VP to take out a full-page ad in the Dotsonville Community Center Ad book. This is something we have done over the last couple of years and have benefitted from in having a place to meet during the COVID pandemic time frame. The cost will be $120. The motion carried was seconded and approved by the majority.

Vote to amend Bylaws to add/modify wording which is required to maintain our non-profit status with the IRS and state. The motion carried was seconded and approved by the majority. Specific word to be added/modified is as follows:

  • CMCBA activities are limited to only those functions that are directly related to the education of new and experienced beekeepers.
  • In the event of dissolution, our remaining assets will be used exclusively for section 501 (c) (3) exempt purposes.
  • Prohibited activities include gambling, supporting, or opposing any political campaigns in any way, and net earnings will not be used to inure (in whole or in part) and officer or other insider.
  • The organization will rely on the operation of TN state law to satisfy the requirements of section 508 (e).

Roger, talked about the Farmer’s Market Booth on 5/15 being manned by Cam Wheeler and George Dooley. Still looking for volunteers to man the booth on 6/10.

Billie put forth a motion to spend money on 100 trifold flyers to be handed out during the Farmer’s Market Booth educational event. Unknown cost. The motion carried was seconded and approved by the majority.

Billie put forth the idea of unhiding the CMCBA website section containing videos and other educational information which was closed off years ago. She was also seeking any ideas on what to do with that section of the website.

Plug for club equipment available for checkout and use my membership.

Plug for TN Master Beekeeper Classes which have been publicized. Information can be found by following the post and link on our fb page.

Plug for and feedback provided concerning the Kent Williams Bee School event from April 20-22. Members that attended had nothing but positive things to say about it. Everyone is encouraged to attend next year’s event.

Revee explained what she does, swarm collections and big extractions, etc… All to the benefit of the club’s members.

Mike S. provided information on how to install packages.

Upcoming meetings and events:

  1. 15 May, Farmer’s Market Booth, Cam Wheeler and George Dooley
  2. 3 June, Fun Day @ DCC 11am-4pm, potluck and free for all educational event.
  3. 3 June, Event, Stewart County Garden Tour Puppies and Petunias
  4. 10 June, Farmer’s Market Booth, volunteers needed.
  5. 1 July, Business Meeting

Meeting adjourned by the President at 11:30am

Respectfully submitted by Mike Sutton, CMCBA Secretary

Approval: ____________________________________ Signed by President or Presiding Officer