Clarksville, TN

Clarksville Montgomery County Beekeeping Association


Clarksville Montgomery County Beekeeping Association - Monthly Meeting Minutes

Date: 6 August 2022, Meeting called to order by President Roger Stewart

Clarksville Montgomery County Public Library

Officers Present: President Roger Stewart, Vice-President Billie Zeveney, Treasurer Max Stewart,

Members present: See sign in Roster (21 members and guests in attendance)

Mission Statement Read

Introductions: New Attendees introduced themselves and why they are interested in beekeeping.

Approval of minutes: Minutes for the month of July prepared by Mike Sutton. Motion to accept as read by David Zeveney, 2nd Larry Sessums

Treasurer Report: Treasurer Report for the month of July read by Max Stewart. Motion to accept by Billie Zeveney, 2nd Larry Sessums.

Old Business:

  • Announcement of TBA NORTH MIDDLE TN REGIONAL CONFERENCE featuring Dr. Thomas Seeley on 8 October 2022. Registration required.

Must be approved in advance

Purchases completed between 6 March and 31 September

Discussed previously recommended purchases. Voted that a Refractor and a 2-3 frame extractor would be purchased. Volunteers from the association were happy to research best options over the next month. Costs to the table to have a final vote on 3 September. Purchases to be completed NLT 31 September.


New Business:

  • Discussion of Lifetime memberships for Youth, Family and Individuals. Members were asked to reflect on the idea and bring their thoughts and ideas to the table for the September meeting.
  • Beginning Beekeepers class to be held in January. Planning needed, requesting volunteers to teach and to help plan.
  • Youth Hive did not survive. There is still mentorship available by the president at his personal hive.


  • Upcoming meeting plans and locations

3 September 2022 10:00am Clarksville Montgomery County Public Library in the Large Meeting Room

1 October 2022 10:00am Clarksville Montgomery County Public Library in the Glass Study Room

5 November Location pending, library not available for scheduling

December Holiday Party, voted to move the party to the second Saturday if the DCC is available. Historically members requested the change because the Clarksville Christmas parade falls on the 1st Saturday and many non-profits and organizations are part of the celebration.

  • CMCBA Library has books and videos to check out from the treasurer.
  • The imagination Library is hosting a Grown-up Spelling Bee fundraiser on 27 September. A request from a member was that for anyone who wishes to donate items for a basket we could collect them as a basket from the CMCBA. All donations can be brought to the September meeting. Books or pollinator learning tools are ideas, but be creative and bring your imagination.

Open floor discussions:

Meeting adjourned by the President

Approval: _____________________________Signed by President or Presiding Officer