Clarksville, TN

Montgomery County Beekeeper's Association


Clarksville Montgomery County

Beekeepers Association

Monthly Meeting

April 4, 2020


*Due to cOVID-19 we will be conducting our monthly meeting through the Zoom application

  • Approval of previous agenda
  • The minutes of the meeting were distributedAnd approved by The majority of those present
  • All governing board members present

The meeting was called to order by Rebecca Perantoni Who spoke on this years upcoming hive grant recipients which are William short, Vanessa Cisneros and Wayne barefoot. Information regarding The Bee informed link Will be posted on the Clarksville Montgomery Bee association B Association’s Facebook page as well as the honeybee health coalition.

Consideration of new business

• registration for new hives

• for upcoming meeting

• register on Bee check

Open discussion

• Meeting closeout at 11:15 by Roger Stewart second by Billie Zenveney

• minutes by Vanessa Cisneros