Clarksville, TN

Montgomery County Beekeeper's Association


PENDING APPROVAL at the October Meeting...

Clarksville Montgomery County Beekeepers Association

Date: 1 September 2018, Monthly Meeting Minutes / Meeting called to order at 10:02

Location:  Clarksville Montgomery County Public Library


Members present:  See sign in Roster


Approval of minutes:  Minutes for the month of August accepted as posted on the website.

Treasurer Report:  Finance Report for the month of August accepted as posted on the website.


Introductions:  New-Bee’s Richard Hesse, Gary Eberly


 Old Business:

  1. CMCBA Honey extractor status – pending response from state to determine fine outcome of extractor.  Local beekeeper has offered to purchase it if authorized. The CMCBA President will make one more attempt to contact state to get response.
  2.  Pollinator art contest sponsorship for the community. Additional information requested prior to approval. POC Pam Boyd – discussed that it would be a judged contest – looking at March 2019.
  3.  Still looking for 1 additional member to attend the TBA fall conference as representatives.  Must be a current TBA member, and CMCBA members.  Three (3) total for voting.  TBA fall conference for voting members is 11-13 October.  Darlene Adams & Shelley Todd volunteered. Maggie Pontsler will verify voting strength based on TBA membership stats.
  4.  Fall New Beekeeper class will be held on 3 November starting at 0900 at the public library.


 New Business: 

  1. Becky Harris and Maggie Pontsler proposed a option for lifetime membership starting 1 January 2019.  The proposal was for a lifetime membership for 1-4 household members $175.  This recommendation based on the current TBA lifetime membership which is $175 per individual.  Values was based on CMCBA membership stats vs TBA membership stats. Several members proposed other options to include individual, household of 4 + additional.  Lifetime membership would be limited to household as is pertains to living status. As a recommendation open to the floor, it was asked that members bring ideas to the table next month.  An open forum will be on Facebook.
  2. CMCBA setting up a table 22 September for a vendor event for Cub Scout Pack 505 at St B United Methodist Church looking for volunteers.  An opportunity for hive grant recipients to earn hours as per the signed agreement.



1. 8-9 September Tennessee Honey Festival at Memorial Park Hendersonville TN

2. 12&13 October TBA Fall Conference @ Hyde-Burkes Agricultural Pavilion, Cookville, TN (evening of October 11th for voting members only)

3. Roger Stewart will be giving a class at the UT Extension on Beekeeping in The Tennessee Beginning Farmers Development Program Slow Before You Roll Workshop Series.

        Slow before you roll session 10/16 @ 6PM it is open for attendance and free. Call extension office for reservation 931 278-5725


Guest Speaker(s):  Youth Group member, Jovanni Perantoni – presented project to create a compound bee eye and shared it with the membership.

Shelly Todd-Mack Presentation on preparing for the next season, use of wintergreen patties, reducing entrances, top bar hive board covers, bottom boards and slatted boards.

James Lenske – Around 1 November, remove queen excluders, use excess equipment in the early spring as swarm traps, 2:1 ratio feeding, pay attention to your hives, inspect them.  Reported virus noted in some hives (identified by spotty brood pattern) tried honey B healthy did not notice improvement, noticed improvement when honey-flow started back up. 

 Open Floor Discussion:

 Asian Hornets in the hives, killing honeybees, ideas for traps. 

 France’s ban on Neonics went into effect 1 September! – Another win in saving the bees


Door Prizes drawn, Meeting adjourned by the President @ 1103

Youth Group training began at 1112 presented by Roger Stewart

Topic: Honey Bee Origins

 Respectfully submitted, Billie Zeveney

Approval: _____________________________Signed by President or Presiding Officer