Clarksville, TN

Clarksville Montgomery County Beekeepering Association


Clarksville Montgomery County

Beekeepers Association

Monthly Meeting

August 2020

  • Approval of previous agenda
  • The minutes of the meeting were distributedAnd approved by The majority of those present
  • All governing board members present

The meeting was called to order by Roger Stewart Who spoke on this year’s upcoming TBA fall conference which has been cancelled. Our Vice President Billie Spoke on the progress of our association’s calendar contest. Billie will also be inquiring with our mayor to see if we can make Clarksville a bee city, as well as going in depth on how our calendar sales will help make a profit within the association. Roger spoke on planning to have a booth at the natural fair that will be coming up at the old Glory Distillery this August 22, at 10:00 am. A motion was made and approved for the booth at the fair along with any expenses that it required i.e. booth fee ect.

A motion was taken and approved to make the future monthly bee meetings at the Dotsonville community center. This year’s short course will be held at the Dotsonville community center. Billie will be working on updating the associations website for any newcomers that might need information. Roger also recommended a book called beekeeping for dummies for our new beekeepers. Lastly, Always check for mites and small hive beetles.

Consideration of new business

• we had a total 4 new people attend

• 3 members were able to harvest honey last month

• register on Bee check

Open discussion

•Door prize and meeting closeout at 11:15 by Roger Stewart

• minutes by Vanessa Cisneros