Clarksville, TN

Montgomery County Beekeeper's Association



Clarksville Montgomery County Beekeepers Association

Date:  4 May 2019, Monthly Meeting Minutes / Meeting called to order at 10:013am

Location:  Clarksville Montgomery County Public Library

 Members present:  See sign in Roster

 Introductions: No new guests


Approval of minutes:  Minutes for the month of April posted on the cmcba. Motioned to accept minutes by Lilia Wood, second by Roger Stewart vote/approval by membership.

 Treasurer Report:  Treasurer Report for the month of April posted on  Motioned to accept by Roger Stewart, second by Larry Sessums, vote/approval by membership.

 Old Business:

1. CMCBA Honey extractor status – Pending responses from TBA



1. CMCBA will have a table on 8 June 8am-1pm to celebrate Conservation Day and again on 17 8am-1pm August for pollinator Week at the Clarksville Downtown market. Currently requesting volunteers from members to help with the table.

2. CMCBA to take part in their wellness expo Monday 6 May 1:30 – 6:30 at Tennova. Roger Stewart is the POC and will set the booth up, additional volunteers coordinate directly.


Guest Speaker:  None, Open Share session


Meeting adjourned by the President


Door Prizes drawn


Respectfully submitted, Billie Zeveney, CMCBA Secretary


Approval: Original to be signed w/approval by President or Presiding Officer