Clarksville, TN

Clarksville Montgomery County Beekeeping Association


Hive grants are no longer supported by the current rules of the Tennessee Beekeeping Association.  Should they become available again we will update the page.

2020 Hive Grant Recipients

2019 Hive Grant Recipients

Jovanni Perantoni     

First CMCBA Youth Hive Grant Recipient!

        Tiffany Cyrier                        Becky Perantoni
Eva Farley                                  Lili Wood                               Cameron Wheeler

2018 Hive Grant Recipients

David Bosanko
Rhonda Shanks
mentor: Roger Stewart

Ruth Fitch
mentor: Charles Cook

The 4th Grant was provided to support the Youth Beekeeping Program

2017 Hive Grant Recipients

Donald Hunter

Doris Long

Billie & David Zeveney

 2016 Hive Grant Recipients

Dawn Rothering

Jennifer Goodrich

Tamara Long