Clarksville, TN

Montgomery County Beekeeper's Association


Pending approval at the august 2018 meeting

Beekeeping Bookkeeping July 2018

Beeginning balance: $3,053.18

Deposit: $100.00, July 19, dues and memberships

Check # 1073, $33.74 to Roger Stewart for youth group purchases (see receipts)

Check # 1074, $100.00 to Dotsonville Community Center, annual donation

Check # 1072, $30.00 to Dotsonville Community Center, annual advertisement

Interest: unknown until next statement arrives.

End balance: (Minus interest) $2,989.44

Note: Capital Bank has changed to First Tennessee. With that change came a monthly paper statement fee of $5.00. I have had those fees refunded for the last two months and switched to online banking.