COOP Beekeeping COOP Beekeeping Honey B Healthy Products We're a dealer for Honey B Healthy products! 184924929 184924930 Hive & Hive Stand This is a hive consisting of a screened bottom board, deep box, inner cover and outer cover resting on a hive stand I built using the plans shown elsewhere in this album. 185229724 Clover Plot This is a shot of the area behind our store where we are attempting to establish a clover plot. Two weeks ago we sprayed it and one week ago, I planted it. There should be one section each of Will ladino clover, Crimson clover & yellow blossom sweet clover. 185151359 Clover Seedlings These are the seedlings of the clover I planted a week ago. 185151442 D Style Frames D style frames have a nail in strip at the top to securely fasten the foundation, solid side pieces and slotted bottom pieces. These are used with foundation sheets that have wires embedded in them and hooks along the top edge which are secured underneath the nail in strip or wedge. 185309009 Mouse Guard Mouse guards attach to entrance of the hive. They help keep out pesky rodents who might want to make the hive their home over the winter. 185413339 Honey Jars We have honey jars available in several different sizes, in both glass and plastic. Pictured are our three most popular; 1 quart, 1 pint and half pints. All three use the same 70mm lid. 189438015 Expanded Beekeeping Section 198466231 16+ Feet of Beekeeping Supplies 198466232 Garden Hive Cover A nice decorative cover for backyard bee enthusiasts. Available in both both 10 & 8 frame. 190315932 Education about Bees and Beekeepng 198466233 Propolis Trap Used when one wants to collect propolis from the hive. Let the bees coat it, then freeze it and flex it to pop the propolis off the trap. 190316043