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There are a several ways to pay your CMCBA dues.

1. Give them to the reasurer, Maggie Pontsler at our monthly meeting.

2. Mail them to the Treasurer. CMCBA, c/o Maggie Pontsler 4712 Chester Harris Raod, Woodlawn, TN 37191 or our President CMCBA c/o Becky Harris, 3928 Turnersville Road, Cedar Hill, TN 37032 or


3. Under the donate tab at the top we have a button for paying your dues thru PayPal.

  • You will be paying the clubs paypal fee so instead of the dues amount, it is the dues amount plus the fee for using the account. The math is done for you, all you have to do is click one of the buttons.
  • If you and your spouse use the same PayPal account and it shows as your spouses name, please in the notes area of PayPal put your name there so we know who has paid their dues.

Cash or checks are acceptable, checks should be made out to CMCBA (Clarksville-Montgomery County Beekeeping Association)

Dues are $10 per year for individuals and $20 per year for a family. You have the option of paying your dues for 1, 2 or 3 years.


***These are the folks that have paid there CMCBA dues thru December 2014.***

Xerex Bueno 10-2013 thru paypal

Stan Coker 08-2013, I

Chuck and Rin Cook 11-2013, F

Jason Groppel 04-2103, I

Becky Harris 09-2013 paypal account tested, I

Cecil Laramore 02-2013, I

Andrew and Jennifer Reilly 12-2013, F thur paypal

Michael and Alecia Sparks 02-2013, F

Amy and Stacy Sturm 12-2013, F (at party)

James Watkins 12-2013, I (at Party)

Joe Brown 01-2014, I

David Smith 01-2014, I

Caroline Austin 01-2014, I

Eric Smith 01-2014, I

Tina Ramsey 01-2014, I

Pat and Ellen Bourke 01-2014, F

Christine Moore and Douglas Kirby 01-2014, F by mail

Kowalski Family 01-28-2014, F, 3 yrs via PayPal

Rivers Family 01-29-2014, F 2 yrs via PayPal

Morgan Sapp  02-2014, I

Raliegh Sapp 02-2014, I

Jerry Crofton  02-2014, I

Benny Weakley  02-2014, I

Steve Green  02-2014, I

David Chamber  02-2014, I

Dan Welsh  02-2014, I

Suzanne Langford  02-2014, I

Larry Sessums 02-2014, I

Nathan Salomon  02-2014, F

Maggie Pontsler  02-2014, F

Alicia Patricia 03-2014, I 2 yrs

Elizabeth Hood 03-2014, I 2 yrs

James Lenske 03-2014, I 2 yrs

Shelly and Leroy Mack 03-2014 F

Chesea McDonalds 03-03-2014, I 1 yr via PayPal

Ron Ledford 03-05-2014, I 1 yr via PayPal

Mellissa Fryer 03-23-2014, I  1 yr via PayPal

Steve and Norma Purviance 04-05-2014, F 1 yr

Phillip, Celena, Heather Spive 04-05-2014, F 1 yr

Charles Foust 04-05-2014, I 1 yr

Eric Mallette 04-05-2014, I 1 yr


Prepaid thru December 2015

Chuck and Rin Cook 11-2013, F (2 yrs)

Caroline Austin 01-2014, I (2yrs)

Rivers Family 01-2014, F (2yrs)

Catherine Stanton 02-2014, I ( 2yrs)

Trent Pulley 02-2014, I (2yrs)

Danny Bonner 02-2014, I (2yrs)

Marcia Simo 02-2014, I (2yrs)

Chris Keepes 02-2014, I (2yrs)

Alicia Patricia 03-2014, I (2 yrs)

Elizabeth Hood 03-2014, I (2 yrs)

James Lenske 03-2014, I (2 yrs)

Prepaid thru December 2016

Kowalski Family, 01-2014, F (3 yrs)

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