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Honey Run Apiaries

330 Sunderland  Road S

Colphos, OH 45833



Purchased 2 New World Carniolan queens  in August of 2013 to place in nucs I was overrwintering.  I placed them in 5 frame nuc boxes with 1 frame of brood with attached bees, 2 empty drawn frames and 2 empty frames.  I didn't shake in any extra bees just what was on the frame.  I kept syrup on them till the weather turned cold. 

They overwintered fine ( feed them every warm day we had), built up in mid March and I've pulled 6 nucs off of the strongest one.  Unsure of honey production as this year I'm focusing on increasing my numbers, so I've pulled frames of eggs and brood ever time they build up.

I wish all my queens layed as these have.  This is the supplier that I purchased the queen from that was in the Rivers and Spires nuc, which had a great brood pattern.

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