Clarksville, TN

Clarksville Montgomery County Beekeeping Association


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Dance of the Honey Bee

CMCBA Mission Statement:

Provides educational Support to new and experienced beekeepers, with a purpose for the continuation of beekeeping as a community-based agricultural effort

Beginning Beekeepers Short Course 

For those interested in starting beekeeping or refreshing beekeeping knowledge.

4 February 2023

Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Library
Meeting 930- 1100

Beginning Beekeeping Short Course 1130

Those coming and planning for all day should pack their snack lunch. Between 1100-1130 can get something to eat before the short course. 

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The health of honeybees is related to the health of all your pollinators. 

Take a look around your yard, your neighborhood. 

Is there a health balance of pollinators?

Food sources are full of blooms rather than manicured lawn grass!