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Dance of the Honey Bee

CMCBA Mission Statement:

Provides educational Support to new and experienced beekeepers, with a purpose for the continuation of beekeeping as a community-based agricultural effort


If you have not done so already have the hive reducer on or ready, it will be getting cold, the girls will not be able to fly in the colder weather.

If you feed your bees, you probably have been filling them up over the last month to get their stores up. 

Do inspections regularly, but avoid opening the hive in temps under 55.  It will take a lot of work for the bees to get the temp in the hive back up to make it thru the colder nights.

Start planning for the spring!  Yes already!  Stores start displaying holiday cheer & exploiting the power of purchasing.  Put your thoughts on springtime pollinator habitats, trees, and equipment to prepare.