Clarksville, TN

Montgomery County Beekeeper's Association


Meeting minutes for June - to be reviewed by members

                                      - approved/amended at the July meeting

Clarksville Montgomery County Beekeepers Association

Date: 2 June 2018, Monthly Meeting Minutes / Meeting called to order at 1004

Location:  Clarksville Montgomery County Public Library


Members present:  See attached Sign in roster


Approval of minutes:  Minutes from the May meeting accepted as posted on the website.


Treasurer Report:  Finance Report for the month of May 2018 read & accepted. Those who still need to pay dues can do so by completing the form from the webpage and sending it and the payment to the treasurer or bringing it to the meetings.  


Introductions:  1st time attendee’s, “Wanna-Bee’s”, “New-Bee’s”


Old Business:

    1. CMCBA Honey extractor status – pending response from state to determine fine outcome of extractor.  Local beekeeper has offered to purchase it if authorized. The CMCBA President will make one more attempt to contact state to get response.
    2. Pollinator art contest sponsorship for the community. Additional information requested prior to approval. POC Pam Boyd – discussed that it would be a judged contest.

New Business:

    1. Charles Cook renewed on behalf of the CMCBA the Clarksville Montgomery County Public Library’s subscription to Bee Culture and The American Bee Journal



    1. Reminded new and old members to register hives with Tennessee Department of Agriculture


Guest Speaker

Shelly Todd- shared an article from Bee Culture on caring for bees in the south during summer.


Open Floor Discussion:


            Members shared wall extraction, catching swarms, re-capturing swarms, preparing swam traps, honey flow.  Expect late swarms due to weather. Hive beetle management.



Door Prizes drawn, Meeting adjourned by the President


Youth Group training began at 1100 presented by Roger Stewart

Topic: Lifecycle of a Honey Bee

Sign in Roster attached


Respectfully submitted, Billie Zeveney


Approval: _________________

Signed by President or Presiding Officer