Clarksville, TN

Montgomery County Beekeeper's Association


2017 Hive Grant Recipients

Donald Hunter

Doris Long

Billie Zeveney

Hive Grant

Hive grant recipients have been chosen for 2017. 
All those interested in applying for a hiv
thrthe 2018 grant program need to send an email to  
[email protected] stating your interest between 
October 1st 2017 thru February 1st 2018

The rules are

1. Must be new to beekeeping

2. Be a resident of Tennessee

3. Pay CMCBA dues for two year ( 2 years would be $20 for individual, $40 for family)

4. Pay TBA dues for two years ( 2 years would be $18 for individual, $40 for family)

5. Fill out paperwork registering your hive/s location

6. Submit and agree to follow the Tennessee Best Management Practices (BMP)

7. Attend a beginners beekeeping course.

8. Agree to work with a mentor for 2 years and attend the Clubs monthly meeting

9. Agree to purchase any additional equipment that is needed.

10.  Agree to do 10 hours of bee based community service each of the 2 years